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Keyword: tRNA-derived RNA fragment

Also known as: tRNA-derived small RNA.

Abbreviations: tRF (PMID: 19933153), tsRNA (PMID: 20181738)

Two research groups: Lee et al. (PMID: 19933153) and Haussecker et al. (PMID: 20181738) have identified a new class of small RNAs termed tRNA-derived RNA fragments/tRNA-derived small RNAs. There are three populations reported:

  1. derived from 5' end of mature RNA: tRF-5 (PMID: 19933153)
  2. derived from 3' end of mature RNA: tRF-3 (PMID:19933153) / type I tsRNA (PMID: 20181738)
  3. derived from 3' trailer of pre-tRNA: tRF-1 (PMID: 19933153) / type II tsRNA (PMID: 20181738)

tRF-1001/cand45 has been shown to be responsible for cell vialability and proliferation. tRF-1 is produced either from 3' trailer sequence of pre-tRNA in nucleus after cleavage by RNaze Z (PMID: 20181738) or in cytoplasm by RNaze Z isoform - ELAC (PMID: 19933153) -> Based on the near-exclusive cytoplasmic localization of type II tsRNAs, it is possible that a cytoplasmic pool of RNaseZ isresponsible for the processing into type II tsRNAs of immature tRNAs have evaded nuclear quality control.

Type I tsRNA are produced by Dicer. Dicer probably recognizes some, potentially misfolded tRNAs to produce type I tsRNAs in cytoplasm. (PMID: 20181738). The same situation may occur for tRF-5 although their biogenesis is still unclear.



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