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"A comparison of snRNP-associated Sm-autoantigens: human N, rat N and human B/B'."

Schmauss C, McAllister G, Ohosone Y, Hardin JA, Lerner MR

Published 1989-01-25 in Nucleic Acids Res volume 17 .

Pubmed ID: 2522186

N is a tissue-specific, Sm-epitope bearing, snRNP-associated protein found predominantly in brain. The cDNA sequence encoding human N is compared to those for rat N and human B/B'. The amino acid sequences of human and rat N are 100% conserved. Although the amino acid sequences of N and B/B' are very similar to each other, B/B' contains 50 amino acids which are not present in N. On Northern blots the cDNAs encoding N and B/B' recognize two different RNA species. A comparison of the codon usage, as specified by the open reading frames of N and B/B' as well as results from Southern blots, show that N and B/B' are derived from different genes.

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