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"A 43.5 kb segment of yeast chromosome XIV, which contains MFA2, MEP2, CAP/SRV2, NAM9, FKB1/FPR1/RBP1, MOM22 and CPT1, predicts an adenosine deaminase gene and 14 new open reading frames."

Mallet L, Bussereau F, Jacquet M

Published 1995-09-01 in Yeast volume 11 .

Pubmed ID: 8619318

A 43,481 bp fragment from the left arm of chromosome XIV of Saccharomyces cerevisiae was sequenced. A gene for tRNA(phe) and 23 non-overlapping open reading frames (ORFs) were identified, seven of which correspond to known yeast genes: MFA2, MEP2, CAP/SRV2, NAM9, FKB1/FPR1/RBP1, MOM22 and CPT1. One ORF may correspond to the yet unidentified yeast adenosine deaminase gene. Among the 15 other ORFs, four exhibit known signatures, which include a protein tyrosine phosphatase, a cytoskeleton-associated protein and two ATP-binding proteins, four have similarities with putative proteins of yeast or proteins from other organisms and seven exibit no significant similarity with amino acid sequences described in data banks. One ORF is identical to yeast expressed sequence tags (EST) and therefore corresponds to an expressed gene. Six ORFs present similarities to human dbESTs, thus identifying motifs conserved during evolution. Nine ORFs are putative transmembrane proteins. In addition, one overlapping and three antisense ORFs, which are not likely to be functional, were detected.

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