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General negative regulator of transcription subunit 3

Known also as: IPR012270, IPR007282, IPR007207

Known abbreviations: NOT3, YIL038C


Acts as component of the CCR4-NOT core complex, which in the nucleus seems to be a general transcription factor, and in the cytoplasm the major mRNA deadenylase involved in mRNA turnover. The NOT protein subcomplex negatively regulates the basal and activated transcription of many genes. Preferentially affects TC-type TATA element-dependent transcription. Could directly or indirectly inhibit component(s) of the general transcription machinery.


Forms a NOT protein complex that comprises NOT1, NOT2, NOT3, NOT4 and NOT5. Subunit of the 1.0 MDa CCR4-NOT core complex that contains CCR4, CAF1, NOT1, NOT2, NOT3, NOT4, NOT5, CAF40 and CAF130. The core complex probably is part of a less characterized 1.9 MDa CCR4-NOT complex.


Cytoplasm (Probable). Nucleus.

This protein can be a part of a given complexes: Activities in which General negative regulator of transcription subunit 3 is involved: Pathways in which General negative regulator of transcription subunit 3 is involved:

NCBI GI number(s): 730167
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Links to other databases:

Database ID Link
Uniprot P06102 P06102
KEGG sce:YIL038C sce:YIL038C
PFAM: - P06102 (Link - using uniprot id)
InterPro: PF04153
CATH: - -
SCOP: - -

Protein sequence:

General negative regulator of transcription subunit 3 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is product of expression of NOT3 gene.


Title Authors Journal Publication date (Issue) PubMed ID
NOT1(CDC39), NOT2(CDC36), NOT3, and NOT4 encode a global-negative regulator of transcription that differentially affects TATA-element utilization. Collart MA, Struhl K Genes Dev 1994-03-01 (8) 7926748
Purification and characterization of the 1.0 MDa CCR4-NOT complex identifies two novel components of the complex. Chen J, Rappsilber J, Chiang YC, Russell P, Mann M, Denis CL J Mol Biol 2001-12-07 (314) 11733989
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Nucleotide sequence of the yeast cell division cycle start genes CDC28, CDC36, CDC37, and CDC39, and a structural analysis of the predicted products. Ferguson J, Ho JY, Peterson TA, Reed SI Nucleic Acids Res 1986-08-26 (14) 3018676

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