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Polyribonucleotide 5'-hydroxyl-kinase Clp1

Known also as: Polynucleotide kinase Clp1, Pre-mRNA cleavage complex II protein Clp1

Known abbreviations: CLP1,HEAB


Polynucleotide kinase that can phosphorylate the 5'-hydroxyl groups of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA), single-stranded RNA (ssRNA), double stranded DNA (dsDNA) and double-stranded DNA:RNA hybrids. dsRNA is phosphorylated more efficiently than dsDNA, and the RNA component of a DNA:RNA hybrid is phosphorylated more efficiently than the DNA component. Appears to have roles in both tRNA splicing and mRNA 3'-end formation. Component of the tRNA splicing endonuclease complex. Phosphorylates the 5'-terminus of the tRNA 3'-exon during tRNA splicing; this phosphorylation event is a prerequisite for the subsequent ligation of the two exon halves and the production of a mature tRNA. Component of the pre-mRNA cleavage complex II (CF-II), which seems to be required for mRNA 3'-end formation. Also phosphorylates the 5'-terminus of exogenously introduced short interfering RNAs (siRNAs), which is a necessary prerequisite for their incorporation into the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). However, endogenous siRNAs and microRNAs (miRNAs) that are produced by the cleavage of dsRNA precursors by DICER1 already contain a 5'-phosphate group, so this protein may be dispensible for normal RNA-mediated gene silencing. Ref.7 Ref.8
ATP + 5'-dephospho-DNA = ADP + 5'-phospho-DNA. 
ATP + 5'-dephospho-RNA = ADP + 5'-phospho-RNA. 
Magnesium, manganese or nickel. 
Component of the tRNA splicing endonuclease complex, composed of CLP1, TSEN2, TSEN15, TSEN34 and TSEN54. Component of pre-mRNA cleavage complex II (CF-II). Also associates with numerous components of the pre-mRNA cleavage complex I (CF-I/CFIm), including NUDT21, CPSF2, CPSF3, CPSF6 and CPSF7. Interacts with CSTF2 and SYMPK.

This protein can be a part of a given complexes: Activities in which Polyribonucleotide 5'-hydroxyl-kinase Clp1 is involved: Pathways in which Polyribonucleotide 5'-hydroxyl-kinase Clp1 is involved:

NCBI GI number(s): 217272859
Species: Homo sapiens

Links to other databases:

Database ID Link
Uniprot Q92989 Q92989
KEGG hsa:10978 hsa:10978
PFAM: PF06807
InterPro: IPR010655
CATH: - -
SCOP: - -

Protein sequence:

Polyribonucleotide 5'-hydroxyl-kinase Clp1 (Homo sapiens) is product of expression of CLP1 gene.


Title Authors Journal Publication date (Issue) PubMed ID
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AF10 is split by MLL and HEAB, a human homolog to a putative Caenorhabditis elegans ATP/GTP-binding protein in an invins(10;11)(p12;q23q12). Tanabe S, Bohlander SK, Vignon CV, Espinosa R 3rd, Zhao N, Strissel PL, Zeleznik-Le NJ, Rowley JD Blood 1996-11-01 (88) 8896421
Human RNA 5'-kinase (hClp1) can function as a tRNA splicing enzyme in vivo. Ramirez A, Shuman S, Schwer B RNA 2008-09-01 (14) 18648070

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