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Poly(A) ribonuclease POP2

Known also as: CCR4-associated factor 1

Known abbreviations: CAF1, Pop2, YNR052C, N3470

[FUNCTION] Acts as probably catalytic component of the CCR4-NOT core complex, which in the nucleus seems to be a general transcription factor, and in the cytoplasm the major mRNA deadenylase involved in mRNA turnover. In vitro, POP2 has 3'-exoribonuclease activity with a preference for poly(A) RNAs, but also degrades poly(U) and poly(C) RNAs. Is part of a glucose-sensing system involved in growth control in response to glucose availability.
[CATALYTIC ACTIVITY] Exonucleolytic cleavage of poly(A) to 5'-AMP.
[COFACTOR] Divalent metal cations. Mg2+ is the most probable.
[SUBUNIT STRUCTURE ] Subunit of the 1.0 MDa CCR4-NOT core complex that contains CCR4, CAF1, NOT1, NOT2, NOT3, NOT4, NOT5, CAF40 and CAF130. In the complex interacts with NOT1. The core complex probably is part of a less characterized 1.9 MDa CCR4-NOT complex.

This protein can be a part of a given complexes: Activities in which Poly(A) ribonuclease POP2 is involved: Pathways in which Poly(A) ribonuclease POP2 is involved:

NCBI GI number(s): 398365813
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Links to other databases:

Database ID Link
Uniprot P39008 P39008
KEGG sce:YNR052C sce:YNR052C
PFAM: PF04857
InterPro: IPR006941
CATH: - -
SCOP: - -
Solved crystal structures: 1UOC
[PDB] [details]

Protein sequence:

Poly(A) ribonuclease POP2 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is product of expression of POP2 gene.

Poly(A) ribonuclease POP2 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) belongs to following protein families:

Title Authors Journal Publication date (Issue) PubMed ID
The yeast POP2 gene encodes a nuclease involved in mRNA deadenylation. Daugeron MC, Mauxion F, Seraphin B Nucleic Acids Res 2001-06-15 (29) 11410650
The nucleotide sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome XIV and its evolutionary implications. Philippsen P, Kleine K, Pohlmann R, Dusterhoft A, Hamberg K, Hegemann JH, Obermaier B, Urrestarazu LA, Aert R, Albermann K Nature 1997-05-01 (387) 9169873
Purification and characterization of the 1.0 MDa CCR4-NOT complex identifies two novel components of the complex. Chen J, Rappsilber J, Chiang YC, Russell P, Mann M, Denis CL J Mol Biol 2001-12-07 (314) 11733989
Approaching a complete repository of sequence-verified protein-encoding clones for Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Hu Y, Rolfs A, Bhullar B, Murthy TV, Zhu C, Berger MF, Camargo AA, Kelley F, McCarron S, Jepson D, Richardson A, Raphael J, Moreira D, Taycher E, Zuo D, Mohr S, Kane MF, Williamson J, Simpson A, Bulyk ML, Harlow E, Marsischky G, Kolodner RD, LaBaer J Genome Res 2007-04-01 (17) 17322287
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A multidimensional chromatography technology for in-depth phosphoproteome analysis. Albuquerque CP, Smolka MB, Payne SH, Bafna V, Eng J, Zhou H Mol Cell Proteomics 2008-07-01 (7) 18407956
The NOT proteins are part of the CCR4 transcriptional complex and affect gene expression both positively and negatively. Liu HY, Badarinarayana V, Audino DC, Rappsilber J, Mann M, Denis CL EMBO J 1998-01-16 (17) 9463387
The CCR4 and CAF1 proteins of the CCR4-NOT complex are physically and functionally separated from NOT2, NOT4, and NOT5. Bai Y, Salvadore C, Chiang YC, Collart MA, Liu HY, Denis CL Mol Cell Biol 1999-10-01 (19) 10490603
Identification of a mouse protein whose homolog in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a component of the CCR4 transcriptional regulatory complex. Draper MP, Salvadore C, Denis CL Mol Cell Biol 1995-07-01 (15) 7791755
The transcription factor associated Ccr4 and Caf1 proteins are components of the major cytoplasmic mRNA deadenylase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Tucker M, Valencia-Sanchez MA, Staples RR, Chen J, Denis CL, Parker R Cell 2001-01-09 (104) 11239395
Molecular analysis of POP2 gene, a gene required for glucose-derepression of gene expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Sakai A, Chibazakura T, Shimizu Y, Hishinuma F... Nucleic Acids Res 1992-12-11 (20) 1475183
Yak1p, a DYRK family kinase, translocates to the nucleus and phosphorylates yeast Pop2p in response to a glucose signal. Moriya H, Shimizu-Yoshida Y, Omori A, Iwashita S, Katoh M, Sakai A... Genes Dev 2001-05-15 (15) 11358866
X-ray structure and activity of the yeast Pop2 protein: a nuclease subunit of the mRNA deadenylase complex. Thore S, Mauxion F, Seraphin B, Suck D... EMBO Rep 2003-12-01 (4) 14618157

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