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Exosome complex component RRP43

Known also as: Ribosomal RNA-processing protein 43

Known abbreviations: RRP43, YCR035C, YCR35C, YCR522


  • exosome component without exonuclease activity (PMID: 17942686)
  • Required for degradation of 3'-end of the 7S pre-RNA to generate mature 5.8S (S) rRNA and 5.8S(L) rRNA (cleavage at site C2 in 3'-5' direction) (PMID: 9390555, 9463390, 12364597), interaction with Nip7p for removal of ITS2 (PMID: 9891085)
  • Required for degradation of 5' end of the 35S pre-rRNA in 3'-5' direction (cleavage at site A0) (PMID: 9463390, 10465791, 12364597)
  • Required for mRNA degradation (PMID: 12364597)


  • cytoplasmic exosome (RNase complex) (PMID: 10465791, 12364597, 9891085)
  • nuclear exosome (RNase complex) (PMID: 10465791, 9891085)
  • nucleolus (PMID: 9891085)
  • nucleoplasm (PMID: 9891085)


protein lenght: 394 aa (UniProt)
PH_domain1: 30 - 155(InterPro)
PH_domain2: 183 - 254


Component of the RNA exosome complex. Specifically part of the catalytically inactive RNA exosome core (Exo-9) complex which associates with catalytic subunits DIS3 and RRP6 in cytoplasmic- and nuclear-specific RNA exosome complex forms. Exo-9 is formed by a hexameric ring of RNase PH domain-containing subunits and peripheral S1 domain-containing components CSL4, RRP4 and RRP40 located on the top of the ring structure. Interacts with NIP7 and NOP8. Interacts strongly with RRP46.

This protein can be a part of a given complexes:
NCBI GI number(s): 10383796
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Links to other databases:

Database ID Link
Uniprot P25359 P25359
KEGG sce:YCR035C sce:YCR035C
PFAM: PF01138
InterPro: IPR001247
CATH: - -
SCOP: - -

Protein sequence:

Exosome complex component RRP43 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is product of expression of RRP43 gene.

Exosome complex component RRP43 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) belongs to following protein families:

Title Authors Journal Publication date (Issue) PubMed ID
Reconstitution, activities, and structure of the eukaryotic RNA exosome. Liu Q, Greimann JC, Lima CD Cell 2006-12-15 (127) 17174896
Global analysis of protein localization in budding yeast. Huh WK, Falvo JV, Gerke LC, Carroll AS, Howson RW, Weissman JS, O'Shea EK Nature 2003-10-16 (425) 14562095
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The yeast exosome and human PM-Scl are related complexes of 3' --> 5' exonucleases. Allmang C, Petfalski E, Podtelejnikov A, Mann M, Tollervey D, Mitchell P Genes Dev 1999-08-15 (13) 10465791
Yeast exosome mutants accumulate 3'-extended polyadenylated forms of U4 small nuclear RNA and small nucleolar RNAs. van Hoof A, Lennertz P, Parker R Mol Cell Biol 2000-02-01 (20) 10611222
Temperature-sensitive mutants of the exosome subunit Rrp43p show a deficiency in mRNA degradation and no longer interact with the exosome. Oliveira CC, Gonzales FA, Zanchin NI Nucleic Acids Res 2002-10-01 (30) 12364597
Nip7p interacts with Nop8p, an essential nucleolar protein required for 60S ribosome biogenesis, and the exosome subunit Rrp43p. Zanchin NI, Goldfarb DS Mol Cell Biol 1999-01-01 (19) 9891085
The complete DNA sequence of yeast chromosome III. Oliver SG, van der Aart QJ, Agostoni-Carbone ML, Aigle M, Alberghina L, Alexandraki D, Antoine G, Anwar R, Ballesta JP, Benit P, et al. Nature 1992-05-07 (357) 1574125
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The complete sequence of a 7.5 kb region of chromosome III from Saccharomyces cerevisiae that lies between CRY1 and MAT. Wicksteed BL, Roberts AB, Sagliocco FA, Brown AJ Yeast 1991-10-01 (7) 1776366
The exosome subunit Rrp43p is required for the efficient maturation of 5.8S, 18S and 25S rRNA. Zanchin NI, Goldfarb DS Nucleic Acids Res 1999-03-01 (27) 9973615

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