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RNA family: U3


This family is a member of clan U3 (CL00100), which contains the following 4 members: ACEA_U3, Fungi_U3, Plant_U3 and U3.
U3 snoRNA is a non-coding RNA found predominantly in the nucleolus. U3 has C/D box motifs that technically make it a member of the box C/D class of snoRNAs; however, unlike other C/D box snoRNAs, it has not been shown to direct 2'-O-methylation of other RNAs. Rather, U3 is thought to guide site-specific cleavage of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) during pre-rRNA processing.
The box C/D element is a subset of the six short sequence elements found in all U3 snoRNAs, namely boxes A, A', B, C, C', and D. The U3 snoRNA secondary structure is characterized by a small 5' domain (with boxes A and A'), and a larger 3' domain (with boxes B, C, C', and D), the two domains being linked by a single-stranded hinge. Boxes B and C form the B/C motif, which appears to be exclusive to U3 snoRNAs, and boxes C' and D form the C'/D motif. The latter is functionally similar to the C/D motifs found in other snoRNAs. The 5' domain and the hinge region act as a pre-rRNA-binding domain. The 3' domain has conserved protein-binding sites. Both the box B/C and box C'/D motifs are sufficient for nuclear retention of U3 snoRNA. The box C'/D motif is also necessary for nucleolar localization, stability and hyper-methylation of U3 snoRNA. Both box B/C and C'/D motifs are involved in specific protein interactions and are necessary for the rRNA processing functions of U3 snoRNA.


RNAs in the family:

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