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What are DNAzymes? How are they selected?

DNAzymes, deoxyribozymes, or simply DNA enzymes, are single-stranded DNA molecules that, like proteins and ribozymes, possess the ability to adopt complex 3D folds in order to perform catalysis. Although DNAzymes have not been found in nature, they can be isolated in the laboratory through in vitro selection, which imitates natural selection but in a very accelerated time scale. In this process, a pool containing millions of DNA molecules is subjected to repeated rounds of selective amplification, and only the DNA molecules capable of performing the desired catalytic function will be replicated. The in vitro selection experiment finishes once the population of DNA molecules is sufficiently enriched in those capable of carrying out the desired catalytic function. Since their discovery in 1994, DNAzymes capable of catalyzing an ever-growing array of chemical transformations have found applications in diverse fields, such as biochemistry, nanotechnology, and therapeutics.

What can you find in this database?

This database is designed to contain comprehensive information of all DNAzymes that have been isolated by in vitro selection and in vitro evolution. In addition to sequence information, you will find links to the original publications, reaction conditions, reaction substrates, metal ion requirements, and structural information whenever available. The inclusion of a BLAST search facilitates the comparison of newly selected sequences with already existing ones; while the advanced search can retrieve specific content of the database with the use of keywords. The database is updated monthly as new papers on the in vitro selection of DNAzymes become available. Nonetheless, we encourage authors and users to submit their data by filling the form under the Submit tab.

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DNAmoreDB, a database of DNAzymes
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